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Orient Gene--Wanzijian| The third-party medical testing service in Shanghai is “poised to be initiated”

Wanzijian medical testing is a medical diagnosis service section newly established by Orient Gene last year, as well as a key strategic layout section for Orient Gene to conduct industrial upgrading from “a product provider” to “a product provider + a third-party testing service provider”. At present, with the rapid development of its business, the company has successively set up branches in Shanghai, Hainan, Beijing and other places.


In particular, Wanzijian Medical Technology Group, located in Jiading, Shanghai, will soon be “launched” with the care and support from departments at all levels and their own efforts. Wanzijian Medical Technology Group consists of Shanghai Wanzijian Medical Laboratory, Wanzijian Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Wanzijian Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., among which Shanghai Wanzijian Medical Laboratory and Wanzijian Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. mainly focus on in vitro diagnosis, clinical research, sewage testing, clinical toxicology and other application directions, and will constantly be committed to providing the public with higher-quality precision medical testing services. At present, the laboratory decoration and equipment installation are coming to an end, and various market-oriented medical services are in intense preparation. In the future, precise testing services will be provided with the Shanghai market as the core. Wanzijian Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the development of liquid chips, forming a follow-up linkage with the testing section. At present, the R&D and production workshops also lose no time in conducting the debugging of equipment, which will be soon put into R&D and production.


Recently, Li Chao, Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone and Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee, came to Wanzijian Medical Technology Group for visit and investigation, and listened to the report on the preparation, business characteristics, development direction and other aspects of Shanghai Wanzijian Medical Laboratory, with the hope that Shanghai Wanzijian Medical Laboratory can make full use of the development advantages of Orient Gene in the field of in vitro diagnosis globally, set up a platform for medical testing services, and form the highlights of sustainable development. In addition, the leading group of Jiading Industrial Zone also conducted onsite “investigation and study” towards relevant problems in the preparation and development of the medical group, and provided good service for the government to have presence in the enterprise.


In the fight against COVID-19 in Shanghai, all the staff of the three subsidiaries of Orient Gene not only did not forget their own work, but also lost no time in preparing for the startup and resumption of work, and actively got devoted to the local epidemic containment.

The staff of Wanzijian engaged in the detection technology and biotechnology overcame numerous difficulties and cooperated with the Seres team to build the mobile cabin hospital and take samples at the front line, becoming a force indispensable to epidemic containment in Shanghai.


Taking samples at the front line

Since May 15, the planning and layout of sampling sites for the normalized detection of 2019-nCoV-PCR have been initiated in 16 districts of Shanghai, which is an arduous and new task. During the lockdown, in the absence of any logistics, the Wanzijian testing team, overcame various difficulties, cooperated with Yangxing Town, Baoshan District to expand the sites for taking samples from 15 points to nearly 50 points, fulfilled the distribution of goods and materials, transshipment of test tubes, sample test, and also undertook the sampling at nearly 50 points in Xietu Road Subdistrict, Xuhui District and for more than 20 companies.


Mobile cabin hospital laboratory

The personnel of Wanzijian testing team worked with the Seres team to start the work of the mobile cabin hospital laboratory from June 5. Due to the complicated and tedious process of the detection of 2019-nCoV-PCR, it took 6 hours or so for the detection of each batch of samples in the laboratory, and it took much longer time for abnormal samples. With the gradual increase of sample size, there was greater and greater working intensity imposed on the staff. All the team members worked overtime, forgot all about eating and sleeping, constantly enriched the work team, and raced against time to complete each test task with quality and quantity guaranteed.

At present, the amount of samples tested in the laboratory can reach tens of thousands of persons-times within 24 hours, with the average time of less than 7 hours for sampling and testing. Each staff member strictly observed the principle of “no missed diagnosis of a suspected patient”, checked and registered the parameters for the use of various instruments in a timely manner every day, did a good job in internal quality control, ensured the analysis and detection results, and had strict control over the accuracy of the results.

This is a battle without smoke of gunpowder, the team of Wanzijian felt so honored to get involved in the whole process, making great efforts for the fight against COVID-19 throughout Shanghai.

It is believed that in the future, Shanghai Wanzijian Medical Technology Group will become a solid force of Orient Gene, well ready for a long voyage.