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Flow Lattice Analyzer
Flow Lattice Analyzer
Flow Lattice Analyzer
product description
The Flow Lattice Analyzer Mplex-M100 is a medical research instrument applicable in fields such as basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, and public health. Utilizing a liquid suspension chip platform based on quantum dot encoded microspheres and flow laser detection technology, it enables high-speed, high-throughput detection of samples such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.
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【Product Parameters


Flow Lattice Analyzer




488nm single laser

Detection Time

≤60min by 96-well plate detection

Sample Detection Speed


Detection Sensitivity

≤ 100MESF

Minimum Sample Volume

45uL (10uL for detection)

Maintenance Functions

Whole machine cleaning, bubble removal, cleaning liquid maintenance, emptying, etc.





【Product Features

1. High Throughput: 40 indicators can be detected for single sample, by automatic detection with 96-well plates

2. Wide Applicability: Suitable for detecting samples in multiple fields including immune proteins and nucleic acids

3. Low Sample Volume Used for Detection: Only 10μL required for single sample (45μL minimum sample collection volume)

4. Good Repeatability: Full peak width CV≤3%

5. Wide Linear Range: Linear range >3.5 logs